katsucon in 3 days! ^__^ kittykatya and kittenchan need to introduce me to this so-called “craig” person so i can ask if i can somehow get my paws on the takeshi’s castle tapes… ^_^; even if he won’t let me have / make copies for myself, it can’t hurt to ask ^_^;

i think i found the page where you can email the tokyo broadcasting system and get information on acquiring copies of their shows like takeshi’s castle.

i wish there was some place you could purchase episodes of it or at the very least get copies from a fansub distributor or something… i haven’t been able to find anything… ^^;;;

i’ve just been watching these little mpegs i found of some competitors from the show (the thing that stinks about these mpegs is that the longest two are only 7 seconds long… ^^;)

which reminds me… kittenchan – i’ll have that new copy of the otakon 2001 music video tape for you at katsucon ^_^ (incentive to find our crew! and lead me to craig! ~_^) hehehe…