took a nap for about an hour and a half, then made myself some tea and took my temperature while the kettle was heating up. i’ve got a 100.9 degrees! fever – joy… ^^;;

decided to take some advil, and if i feel this same way tomorrow morning i’m going to call up my temp agency and call in sick. ^^;;

funny, too… this morning i was feeling really terrible but took some advil and went into work anyways, and one of the saleswomen said that she thinks i caught whatever it is that she had late last month. but then later in the day (from about 1 pm – 7 pm) i was feeling much much better.

i registered for macworld expo, new york. hey, dealmac had a special code (E-NY02A, need to use it by april 23) that you could type in the registration site and get into the exhibit hall for free. the exhibit hall is open on july 17-19, and i figured that it couldn’t hurt to get free admission. it’s not like they’re going to come to my house afterwards if i don’t go and beat me up for not going, lol.

i think i’ll just go right to bed…