i can’t wait to see the eye doctor on friday… my eyes keep watering occasionally and feel slightly strained. i wonder if my headache is related to this all? *shrug*

i took some more advil, and i keep shivering uncontrollably lately. one night i had to wear my sweatshirt to bed and use my fleece blanket in addition to the sheets, blanket, comforter, and sleeping bag that’s all on my bed. o_o;;

i found myself airplane tickets to go to san diego for comiccon in august for $324 round trip. not bad, i guess… the cheapest i could find them, really… now to keep trying to convince my parents to let me go this year (and have them think that i’m not just spending all the money i earn). maybe i’ll work out a budget for the summer (hey, nothing else much to do at work when we get slow), and use that as well to convince them, hehe.

hm… lots of list-making needs to be done… yeah…