i’ve felt like such a, well… i’m not sure what lately. ^^; why isn’t there a mood option for sick / horny / lonely / bored / uncomfortable? ^^;;

i just set my mp3 player on random and hit play, and of the 1014 songs i have in there right now (in the process of ripping all of my mp3s from my commercial cds), this is the one that came up.

fits my mood. ^^;;

i can’t wait to go back to umbc. to be there full time and not just visiting occasionally. i feel so unsocial not being around other college-aged people all the time. ^^;;;

i was given an application to work at my store in the technician department. i’ve filled it out, but haven’t turned it in. why? well… 1) i don’t know if i would like working as a tech as opposed to customer service, 2) from what i can tell the technicans are basically run by a different company – they report to different managers for administrative stuff, and it has the name of some electronics company on the application.

the salespeople offered to be my references for the application if needed, and someone (i forget who) said that the techs start at $12 / hour. i’m at $10.95 / hour so it’s not much of a difference. but i’m not sure if the techs get the benefits that the actual verizon employees get (like tuition reimbursement, especially).


i didn’t get to see the #2 guy from the company today, even though i got to work about 15 minutes early. i guess he was there when everyone else had to arrive at the store at 8 am. the rest of the day was really really busy – packed almost the entire day, and when the store slowed down a lot then i went to get my chicken from the amish market (they close at 3 and i finally had a chance to go over at 2:50 to find out that just about everything was closed up already, so i had to end up getting a sandwich from the fresh fields hippie-grocery-store instead) and arrived back at the store i had to toss my food in the back and go back to greeting for another hour or so before i could actually eat. so my first meal of the day was at after 4 pm. 😛

went to see “pirates of penzance” at the naval academy tonight. pretty good ^_^

pappap dropped off $100 for me while i was at work to pay me back for spending the money to get anne a monitor for the computer he gave her. so that’s good.

and all day i haven’t been feeling well. all headache-y and stuffy sinuses. i also have this lump on the left side of my neck since last night (mom said that she once had something similar and the doctor said the only way to get rid of it is to whack it hard – i’m sure not going to be hitting my neck with something to get this to go away… best bet is to hope it just disappears magically, i guess :P)

at least i finally remembered to eat my pretzels. now i just have to eat my donunts and those “bergers” stuff that nick sold to me last night… ^^; yeah… the only plans i really have for sunday (the third day this month that i have off and not occupied with katsucon – yippee ^_^;;) are to sit around and eat donuts and medicate and get better to not be feeling sick at work on monday. at least with the schedule the other temp and i worked out (first putting in the days / times that he needs off… i don’t really need any specific days off next month but one), he and i figured out that if each of us works 3 – 4 full days a week, that lets us have 4 – 3 days off in a row for that week, and still have us with about the same hours we work now ^_^ so in march, i’ll only have to work 15 days total in the entire month, and still get the same hours and all that. ^_^