got off of work, and first nick and his girlfriend nancy arrived, and shortly after that then zenmetsu and bruno_boy arrived. we mostly sat around and watched anime music videos for the first half while they were here, then around 12:15 am we all drove over to t.g.i.fridays and got some food. since nick works at a friday’s restaurant, he was able to get us all 25% off (but we just paid the full price on our food which meant our waitress got a 25% tip ^_^ she deserved it, anyways – she was fun and put up with us, lol ^_^;)

then we drove over to dunkin’ donuts where i got a dozen donuts, then back home where we watched the little flash movies at (angrybot is the best, lol ^_^)

i bought these things from nick too… they’re called “berger’s”… basically like a cross between a slice of chocolate cake and a cookie. ^_^ i think he’s trying to make me fat, lol. dan also brought me the digi charat tape ^___^ yay! ^^

now i had best get to bed… gotta be at work from 10 am – 7 pm, then i’m going with my family straight from work off to the naval academy to see “pirates of penzance” ^_^ and i need to be very on time and nice-looking at work tomorrow… the #2 guy in the whoooole organization of verizon is going to be at our store tomorrow morning (the only person this guy has to report to is the head honcho of verizon o_o – he’s the region manager for the whole washington / baltimore / virginia region), so i need to be there all ready because the manager who is opening the store is very picky about on-timeness anyways, and so now he’s really stressing out over this guy coming to the store. ^^;

man… my neck hurts… i was popping the joints in my neck by rolling my head to the sides, and it’s hurting on the left side of my neck… like it just has to go just a little bit more to pop those joints, but it starts to hurt and i can’t turn my head any more so my neck says it ain’t going to happen. ^^;

anyways… off to bed…