my sister’s monitor for this old computer my grandfather had and gave to her arrived by ups just now. i also got some more dvd-ram discs for backing up my mpeg files ripped from my dvds.

i ought to make myself a list of the stuff i want to do / go to this year and try to structure myself timewise and financially so i can do as much of it all as possible… ^_^

zenmetsu and bruno_boy and nick are all coming over tonight after i get off of work. bruno_boy called me up this morning on my cellphone (which i thought i had left charging overnight, but i discovered that the surge protector i had plugged the charger into had been unplugged when while i was talking to him my battery ran out) and we talked for a few minutes before my battery ran out about him coming over. i tried to call him back a few times after i was able to get my charger plugged back in, but i just kept getting busy signals. *shrug* guess i’ll try calling later while i’m at work or after i get off of work if he wasn’t able to get a ride over here…

time to get ready for work… yippee… ^^;;