one of our saleswomen told us today how she finally broke up her on-again-off-again relationship with her boyfriend… some of the stuff she told us she did when moving her stuff out of his place without him knowing was really shocking… o_o;; daamn.

me: droooooolll

me: rabi~en~rose… :P~~~~~

me: hehe

dan: hahahahahaha

me: need to see more digi charat

me: hehe

dan: getting into digi charat now, eh?

me: no

me: trying to figure out how to get rabi~en~rose into my pants

me: XD

dan: …

thePfhitz: hehehe

dan: you’re weird

dan: dave agrees with me

dan: we should beat you up

dan: *nods*

me: nooooo


me: picture of me: x_x orrrooooo….

dan: damn right he had it coming

me: you and dave: XDDDD

me: hehehe

me: and then i get tossed in jail

me: for fanboyism

dan: yup

me: and then they pick up rabi~en~rose on a jaywalking charge and toss her in too so then she gets to be my bondage prison bitch XDDD

yep, i think i scared dan with that one XDDD

and batman uses a mac! see? lookit…

iPod “dead pixels” A reader writes: “I went snowboarding with my iPod and afterwards noticed what appeared to be dead pixels. I took it to the Apple store, and after much deliberation and back and forth, they discovered that the Liquid in the LCD that had seeped out (no one knows how). After more deliberation and bat-phone-calling, Apple replaced it.”

so what does this teach us? batman…

– likes to snowboard

– uses a mac

– has an ipod

this makes it easier to figure out who batman is… nevermind the fact that all you’d have to do is search the phone book for “bruce wayne” XD