no food for me today (well, no food but one meatless meal)… since today’s ash wednesday it’s a day of fast / abstinence… ^^;

i’m starving… ^^;;;; *sniffle*

anyways… work today was slowww… not nobody-coming-in-the-store slow, though. one guy said “fuck you!” to me under his breath when he left the store, but i heard it. >_<;; should have yelled at him or something.... he wanted to get a new phone because he dropped his in the toilet, but since this was only a month or two ago that he bought it he'd have to pay the full price on a new phone, and he didn't want to do that. so he took his frustrations out on me as he left the store. well, screw him. it'll be easy to recognize him next time he comes in the store - he was missing a finger or two on both of his hands - see if i treat him nicely then 😛 picked up videotapes for my camera and a valentines' day card for my parents after work... go me. man... i can't wait for dinner... and right after midnight i'm going to stuff myself, lol... like macaroni and cheese - reason why i want that is because one of our saleswomen said that she had a dream last night that one of our salesmen tried to kill her by giving her macaroni and cheese with poison in it, lol... we all cracked up over that ^^