work was alright today… not much happened today. not much happened yesterday, either.

we had this guy yesterday who said that he just moved to this area from atlanta and so he and i talked a little about atlanta and we got to talking about music midtown for a little bit… that reminded me that it was coming up soon so i started looking up airfare online and casually remarked to mom how i was thinking about going to see music midtown again this year and visit ocarina, but in the course of the conversation when she heard that damonk13 was going to be moving off to atlanta sometime that month she starts telling me that no i’m not going to be able to go. ^^; then she said something how she’ll let me go but only if i get letters or emails or something from both meaghan and frank saying that they’re ok with me going down there… o_o;;

which prompted the reaction from me that went along the lines of: “what’s this? i didn’t know i was back in middle school and needed permission slips to go on a field trip?” 😛 i dunno. my parents are weird like that… ^^;;

i was also thinking about comic-con, too… it’s august 8 – 11 (thursday-sunday), right? well, i found out that airfare is the cheapest if i leave on wednesday and return on tuesday… but would i really want to be staying an extra night there? it’s $30 more if i were to have the trip on the 7 – 12 instead of the 7 – 13… plus, who’s planning on going and what options are being made for staying there? where are people planning on staying? and where is everyone planning on staying at?

i’d rather know this stuff early so i can be sure that i’m setting aside the appropriate funds for this (not that money would be a problem… airfare + spending money i’d make for myself at work in 2 weeks easy. i’m just curious how much money i’d need for airfare + sharing a hotel room with people + etc. plus otakon is just before it, which gives me more reason to want to start thinking things like this early…

*shrugs* yeah… so, it’s 6 months away… but i want to go this year! ^_^

the main manager for my store had a long talk with one of our salespeople in his office yesterday (about how this salesperson isn’t really being a team player and stealing other salespeoples’ sales right from under them and disrespecting the senior sales rep who is also considered to be a manager). when we closed up the manager put this sign we have in the window (i didn’t see the side that faced out, but from the side of the sign that i did see, it was this sign we have that says “now accepting resumes for positions of retail sales, customer service, and sales management”). maybe they’re planning on replacing him? i dunno… i don’t really mind the guy – he and i get along for the most part – i just can’t stand it when he goes to help a customer when there are obviously many other customers waiting around the store, because that really messes up the waiting list and then i have to complain to him and correct the situation. 😛 but then again, when i showed up to help open the store this morning that sign wasn’t in the window, so i’m not sure what’s going on…

yeah, ok… bedtime for me… i noticed that from this past saturday through this coming thursday, i open the store every day… saturday, sunday, tuesday, thursday i work all day, while on monday and wednesday i’m only working the morning shift.

ee… i just remembered i have two pretzels i bought at the amish market the other day in a bag on the counter… maybe i’ll have them for breakfast or something… lol. they’re greasy, though… but they’re gooooood ^_____^ so’s these “australian licorice” thingys i got from trader joe’s today (yes, i got more, lol)… each container is 1 pound, and i’ve been eating a container each time i open one… simple way to get fat (besides eating at Make Fattm), lol.

and if you’ve read this far through my post, here’s your reward: an outtake from an old ’60s life-sized puppet show called “new zoo”… 2.5 meg mpeg not for consumption by little kids or the easily offended for those of you downloading it ^_^ this had me cracking up and dan going “WTF?! O_o”, so either way you’ll get some fun out of it, lol…

ok, yeah… bedtime. ^_^;;