*yawns* i’m tired… maybe i’ll take a nap… ^_^;

dad said last night that aunt katherine thinks that we can probably borrow her friend’s car that’s for sale so i can try it out for a few days ^^ he’s going to be picking it up tomorrow night ^_^

i got some “australian licorice” from trader joe’s – that’s a cool grocery store. ^_^

i also talked to the people at my temp agency today about how i’m still wondering whether or not verizon will hire me, and mentioned how last thing that i heard was that there was a hiring freeze. the lady at the temp agency said that verizon actually had to lay off lots of the temps that they had working for them, but the managers at my store are very impressed with me and the other temp at my store, so hopefully we both should be hired in the near future when this freeze is over (whenever that is going to be… ^^;)