wow, it’s 1 am already… o_o;;

i was feeling really bored earlier… well, not really bored ‘cos i just sat and fiddled with updating my stock portfolio, but that was all just busywork and not really fun. it kept me occupied, though, because at one point i just looked up at my clock and was suprised to see it was 1 am already. but then again, i got home from work after 9 pm and had some other things to do on the computer before i started this… but still, time went by really fast. ^^;;

my friend tom (the one who went off to car-school) said that that car we were thinking about was a good idea, so if i get it and things are bad i can blame him, lol. he also said that it’s “a dependable car”, so i “ought to get it” so i could “make dan jealous”. muhaha ~_^

full day of work tomorrow, then i have thursday off. yay ^_^ maybe i can get my friend nick to come over sometime thursday evening to hang out… i need some nickage… ^^