WTF? i know i haven’t seen this episode of cowboy bebop yet… “black dog serenade”. i was just checking through the files i ripped/decoded so far and saw scenes that i didn’t recognize in one of the “coming episode” trailers.

man… what else didn’t i see? ^^;

just got back from the orthodontist. my appointment was at 9:40. that’s when i woke up. ^_^;; lucky for me, though, the shirt i was wearing was warm enough by itself and so i was able to just toss some pants on and run out the door, and got there only slightly late because the office is a few blocks away. they said that they’re not sure exactly what it is that might have caused my jaw to pop and click and occasionally hurt (usually it’s due to some sort of knock to the head), but what they’re going to do is have my dentist make me what’s called a “guard” – it’ll help prevent my teeth from grinding, and also prevent these three teeth in the front of my mouth from turning any more vertical, hehe ^^;; i guess because i haven’t been wearing my retainer, these started to turn by themselves or something… *shrug* the orthodontist doesn’t think that those teeth will change their position further, though, and my bite is “orthodontically perfect”, too. so everything is in a line, but these three are just slightly rotated along that line.