seeing hte superbowl at my aunt and uncle’s place with my grandparents was kinda fun… we did have good eats as i expected, too, lol

when the halftime show came around grandaddy pitched a fit, lol… he didn’t care for U2 at all one bit… he was saying things like “this is a crime against ears!”, “the masses are being hypnotized by mediocrity!” and “congress should pass a law to have all the guitars scrapped!” lol. aunt katherine and uncle harry were poking fun at him saying things like “what? they’re no worse than frank sinatra!” lol

i might be getting myself a set of wheels soon! ^__^ this lady that my aunt works with has this car that my aunt has borrowed occasionally that she’s looking to sell. my aunt was thinking about purchasing it for my cousins but they’ve already spent a bunch of money on fixing up the two cars they currently have so they’re waiting to get a new car, and she was wondering if my family or me or whoever might want it. ^^ i wasn’t really paying attention at the time they were talking, so all i really heard was “mitsubishi galant blah blah blah ’89 blah blah blah blah 40,000 miles blah blah blah $2000-$2500 blah blah for sale blah.”, hehe. ^_^ apparently the reason why the car has so low mileage for being 13 years old (our saturn is 9 or 10 years old and has 120,000-some miles on it, and our van is about a year old and has 18,000 miles on it already) is because this lady only needed to drive it when she came up here for work and needed to drive around the area (which was about once a month or so). so we’re going to tell my aunt within a week or so whether or not we’re interested in buying that car from her friend ^___^