“shreck” is funny… one reason is because one of the guys i work with looks and acts exactly like shreck, hehe… ‘cept he’s black and not green and doesn’t have big pointy-ish ears coming out the side of his head, hehe…

grandaddy called to say that he and grandmother are going to my aunt ‘n uncle’s place in northern virginia (reston, actually), so looks like dad and i are going to go there to see everyone tonight.

i still kinda want to go and kinda don’t want to go… i’m a bit tired and still feeling slightly under the weather (slight headache and general exhaustedness) and i have to get up early tomorrow to go to work in the morning, but then again i’d get to see my grandparents and my aunt, uncle, and their family (at least the members of the family… and my uncle is a really really good cook, so there will be some good eats there ^^ mom and dad both say that i ought to go… i guess i’ll grab some sleep or something in the car, then… ^_^;