i closed out my bank account today, so now i’ve got about $125 in cash. don’t rob me please, i’m not feeling well. 😛

all day at work i just kept wanting to go home…. i was feeling ok this morning when i woke up, but after i was at work for a little while i got all headachey and got chills. ;_; at least nobody was yelling at me or anything. the only good thing about work today was when this one guy entered the store and from the front i thought (and later confirmed when he was leaving and i saw the back) that he was wearing a megatokyo t-shirt. so when he was leaving…

me: “cool, megatokyo”

guy: “hey, cool, another fan”

me: “hehe”

guy: “i still can’t believe how today’s comic is still late, lol”

me: “lol”

<chat a bit about webcomics in general>

me: “yeah, i helped out with a webcomic…”

guy: “oh? what comic?”

me: “neobaka”

guy: “that’s the one with the cute robot girl, right?”

me: “yep”

guy: O_O “DUDE! i still have that bookmarked!”

so that was teh funnie for the day. ^_^;

another time tonight was when one of the saleswomen asked if i could pick up her eats that she ordered from t.g.i.fridays because she was stuck with a customer when it was ready to be picked up. so she gave me her credit card (“oh, they never bother checking id when you pay with a credit card” she said), and i said that’s good because i’d make a funny-looking faith atkinson. i picked up her business card in case there were any questions about the identity of the person who i’m picking up the eats for. she was right, they didn’t check my id or anything, and then the guy hands me the receipt to sign, so i put down “glenn fitzpatrick” right under where it’s printed “FAITH ATKINSON” – i noticed that right after i signed so i got the eats as fast as i could and got out of there asap, lol.

when i got back to the store and told them how i signed my name another saleswoman said that it was like the scene in the movie “ghost” where whoopi goldberg is trying to withdraw a bunch of money from the bank from someone else’s account and keeps asking for new withdraw slips because she keeps putting down the wrong name, hehe

but later i figured it was good i didn’t sign it “faith atkinson” or anything like that ‘cos that would be fraud and fraud = big no-no.

then when i get home my mom was on the phone with my grandfather and she told me he wanted to talk with me. basically all he did was complain to me how when i went to visit anna in new york city i:

  • didn’t eat any hot-dogs
  • didn’t see any broadway shows
  • didn’t cross the brooklyn bridge
  • didn’t get on tv for the “today” show because we were sleeping

    but he was glad that we had fun ^_^ i wanna go up and visit anna again sometime (that is, if she wants me to come up again)… or maybe she can come down here sometime and i can show her the sights here in good ‘ol “merlin'”, hehe

    i’m going to go to bed early tonight… blargh… gotta work at 10 am – 7 pm tomorrow – yay.