the dentist says…

good news: no cavities ^_^

bad news: remember that popping my jaw was doing a few weeks ago? well, he says that that’s the ligaments in my jaw and when it pops it starts to do irrepairable damage to the jaw. he poked and prodded around in my mouth and said that because this one muscle felt sore to me it was like going for a long run and being sore the day after – in other words, the muscle is being overworked by me clenching / grinding my teeth (apparently this is mostly done while i sleep, so i don’t notice it). this overworking of my jaw is putting wear-and-tear (literally) on the ligaments for my jaw, and this can’t be repaired. but he says that because we caught it at so early a time that they should be able to prevent this from going further.

so now i have to schedule an appointment for my orthodontist (and my optometrist, anna ~_^) on monday so they can take a look at my mouth and ask me why i haven’t been wearing my retainer all this time. ^_^;;