mom’s watching “trading spaces” on tv – there’s a girl on there who looks kinda like evilyn, lol. ^^ or maybe i’m just on crack. ^_^;; she looks evelyn-y, but with longer hair than evelyn has.

work today was good – nobody yelled at me, lol… and a few customers who had both been the store before or this was their first time at our store congratulated me on how good a job i was doing in helping them out, and they wondered when i’d be upgraded from greeter to another position. ^__^ one of our salespeople told me today that he thinks that our hiring freeze should be ending soon so then i can snag a position in customer service ^___^

another one of our salespeople told me at one time that while i was helping this one girl with her phone it looked like to him that i was digging her and she was digging me back, lol – my response: “hey, the women love me!” ^^ hehehe… that happened again later in the day when i was helping out another girl. this better not keep up else i turn into a stalker or something, lol ^_^;;

i got my copy of “snatch” in the mail today from when i opened it up and saw this post-it note pad in the box i recognized the logo and remembered that i’ve ordered stuff from them before (but i don’t remember what dvds they were that i had ordered ^_^;;). it also came with a little balsa-wood airplaine in the box, too. ^_^ went to tower after work but they didn’t have ghost in the shell or the first trigun dvd or the second macross plus dvd in stock (grar) – i need them to work on a few new music video ideas i have ^_^ i tried ordering ghost in the shell from but they said it was backordered – how can GHOST IN THE SHELL be BACKORDERED?? o_o;; and everything else that i need i figured that they’re popular enough that it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to find in a brick-and-mortar store anyways.