new year's eve -> new year's day

first off, let me just say that lupin the 3rd: the castle of cagliostro rocks. ^______^ i loooooooove watching lupin! (unfortuately for me this is the only lupin anime i have at all ^^;; and it’s what dan was planning on giving to me for christmas, lol ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;; now he needs to go look some more, lol ^_^;;)

lemme see… last time i updated was… eeeeearly monday morning… lemme see if i remember everything that happened between then and now… (as if you care about what i did ^_^;;)

went to work on monday from 10 am – 5 pm… the stupid people were out in full force (i had about 20 people i wanted to beat severely in those 7 hours… -_-;;)… got home at about 5:30 and saw my fedex package waiting for me ^__^ so i started the battery charging on my new camera and hooked my scanner up to my computer. had some quick eats and sat around until about 8:30 pm.

left the house to go downtown annapolis to go see first night annapolis. stu had already left earlier in the evening so i went down by myself. ^_^; got downtown at about 9:00 pm.

there were two things i was planning on seeing – the pyrates royale (a local group that sings sea-shanties), and “comedy sportz” (an improv comedy group). the pyrates royale performed on every hour, while comedy sportz performed on the :30 of every hour, and each ran half-an-hour.

the way the scheduling was set up and printed in the program, i thought that the last show of the pyrates royale was at 11 pm (not 10 pm as it really was ^^;;).

so i wandered around and watched an elvis impersonator and saw comedy sportz at 9:30 pm.

after the comedy sportz routine i ran over to where the pyrates royale were performing, but got there 5-10 minutes after it started and they weren’t letting anyone else in. so i missed out on the pyrates ;_; so while i waited for midnight i walked around and found these art cars that i took pictures of (they had a van with all different sorts and types of cats painted on it plus a giant inflatable cat on the roof o_o – i found these when i first saw the bumpersticker “my other car is an art car and thought of lara7‘s car… they also had a “have a faerie nice day” car with all sorts of faeries and whatnot painted on it, and they also had a hawaiian car with little plastic hula-people stuck to the roof, and last they had a faux jaguar car… i had to keep from singing certain songs about cars that are not quite jaguars, lol ^_^) with my camera, and got myself some coffee to keep warm while i waited around. i found this tent with this cool band called the “XTDs” playing jazz and blues and all sorts of styles of songs, so i went in and listened to them ^_^ this particular tent was sponsored by the maryland lottery so i did this wheel-spin that they had where you could win t-shirts or lunchboxes or scratch-off tickets, and ended up winning myself a lunchbox ^^ stayed at that tent until 11:50 pm.

watched the “crab countdown” (a laser light-show with a crab falling into a crabpot, har har) at midnight, then walked home. i could have taken a bus, i guess (the lines weren’t that long), but i didn’t mind the walk.

got home and did some more fiddling with my camera and talked with people online until about 4 am.

woke up today at about 12:30 and had pancakes and helped take down the christmas tree, and headed out to best buy with stu. picked up a usb hub for my computer and found “castle of cagliostro” for $19 (a very good deal ^___^)

came back home and played games with stu over the computers, and my grandparents and kelly’s boyfriend alex came over for dinner. stu came back over and we continued playing games with each other while kelly and alex watched “o brother, where art thou”, and after alex was dropped back off at his house we watched cagliostro (stu’s right, the dub isn’t that bad ^^).

did some more fiddling with my camera today and discovered that i can use it and the software it comes with to shoot quicktime vr scenes, so i can take 3d panoramic views of different rooms and places! ^_^ anybody want me to take any pictures of things for them? ^_^

and now i’m finishing this journal entry and getting ready for bed… gotta work from 3:30 – 9 pm tomorrow.