mostly work. like anything else happened today… ^_^;

i want a mexican woahhhh radio! *ahem*

work was very slow today… i had to write down about 13 people on my list the whole day (10.5 HOURS with only 13 people that had to wait? mm… yeah, i’d say that’s slow… ^^;;;)

my managers were talking about putting in signs to hang from the ceiling in a few places to show where different parts of the store are. next thing i’ll find out is they’re going to be putting in a stack of frequently asked questions by the front entrance so they won’t need me to greet anymore… ^^; but hopefully if that happens then they’ll be ready to have me work in customer service then ^_^

the president of verizon didn’t show up today. maybe he’s coming later this week? in any case, i’m not sure if/when he’s coming because i just overhear things. i did hear them say though that this is about the time when people come in the stores to “shop” and see if everything is as it should be and that the salespeople are doing their jobs and checking to see what the salespeople say and know.

another of my friends from elementary school showed up at my store today, though. ^^ this makes… 5 or 6, now… ^^

i got myself a leather case ‘n car charger ‘n a new faceplate for my phone… the case and charger were together as a combo and on sale for $20, and the faceplate was $3 (all because my phone had been discontinued and they were all placed on clearance!) ^_^ mom and dad (or just dad) may come in to get a new replacement phone in the next few days, too…

since it’s rather long, click for some <store-drama>

this one guy who was in the other day (saturday) came into the store today. when he was in on saturday he just kept staring at the saleswoman helping him (erika), and at one point he told her that she was “super-goregous” or something to that effect. after he left in his green SUV, one of the other salespeople (corey) said that he thought the guy looked like “a freakin’ ‘ken’ doll” because he looked as if he was made out of plastic. erika remarked to us and the other customers who were there at the time how he had a nice car, and corey remarked to erika that he looks like the type of guy she’d fall for, especially if he had a lot of money. we all had a few chuckles about this.

well, this guy comes back in the store today and asks for erika. we find her and watch as he gives her a card and talks with her for a minute or two and leaves. one of our other salespeople (dave) said that he thought that it looked like the guy was trying to kiss erika. we all crowded around and read the card with her (nothing else to do, hah) and this guy completely filled the inside of this blank card with this note he wrote. it also said something like “…the last time i did something like this was 11 years ago, but much has happened since then…” we figured that this meant that he had some sort of baggage like marriage / divorce / kids / jail time for stalking.

seriously, this card had us all LAUGHING OUR HEADS OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE. it was so hilarious to see this occur. ^^

erika didn’t know his last name (so she wasn’t able to find his info in the computer), and all the contact info his card had was his first name and his email address. we figured she ought to use that to investigate him over the internet, lol. at the very least, we told her, she ought to contact him and tell him that it was sweet of him to give her that card. and we also agreed that he had to have some BALLS to walk in here and give her that card that we were all reading, lol.

all this because she pulled up his account and looked at it for 2 minutes.