i'm going to new york city, new york city, here i come…

first i was planning on going to see saccarineayako in new york city, then stueypark said that he wanted to go sightseeing around new york city before he goes off to school. so anna said she’d give stu and myself a tour of the city on about the 17th – 22nd… unfortunately i didn’t have those days off (but i did have off on the 15th-16th), so i was going to see if i could swap days with the other temp.

went to work today and talked with the temp we had moved from the kiosk to replace the other temp we had at the store, and he just said to me out of the blue that his schedule was real flexible and if i ever wanted any days off of work to just let him know and he’ll cover for me (as long as it’s ok with the managers). ^__^ so after he left i did some tinkering with the schedule for the weeks of the 14th and the 21st, and managed to figure out a schedule that has me off of work on the 17th – 22nd, and managed to keep our number of hours that we each have pretty much the same as they usually are. ^_^

now the only problem was how to get to new york city… trains were way too expensive, planes were kinda expensive, and buses were cheap ($74 round trip) but too expensive for stu (he didn’t want to spend more than $50 on transportation).

then i found out that stu and i can take advantage of this 2 for 1 offer that greyhound has so we both can split the cost of one ticket and go visit anna in new york for only $37 each round trip! ^______^

now i gotta do some investigating and see what there is in new york that i wanna see (besides anna, of course ~_^) ^__^ and stu needs to see what days he has off… i hope that he either has already (or can manage to trade) those days off too… ^_^;;