i just finished ripping all of dan’s brother’s cowboy bebop dvds so he can have them back… god, i’ve had those things for a loooong time… ^_^;; i got to watch cowboy bebop on cartoon network while i ripped the dvds as well (yay! mushroom samba! ^-^)

i was so bored earlier that i was organizing my mp3s (just the ones i have downloaded or received by means other than ripping by myself). i was renaming them all so that if i only had one song by a particular band then the filename was song title - artist.mp3, and for the ones that i had more than one song by a band, they were all in a folder of that artist’s songs and named song title.mp3. then, i converted all the id3 tags to v2.3 so they could hold more characters for the song title / artist / album / whatever in the mp3 player app, and fixed the song titles in that as well. occasionally i set up the proper equalizer presets for some songs as well. isn’t that pathetic? ^^;; i wish i could have gone out somewheres tonight (especially ‘cos i got out of work at 5 pm today… a lot earlier than usual), but it’s no fun to go places by yourself, and there’s nobody for me to go places with. ;_;

i’m watching some show on the history channel about how they started creating rockets and flying bombs in wwii. kinda interesting. but i’d better get to bed instead… work from 10 am – 3:30 pm tomorrow, and then dan’s coming over to see my music video and i can get him back his brothers dvds and we can hang out. maybe dad’ll go to exchange the phone he bought the other day and then i can buy the kyocera 2235 and give my parents my current phone and just have the phone numbers switched. the 2235 is a lot cheaper than i was expecting it to be (only $80! everyone at the store thought it would be $100+)…

ok, i had really better get to bed now… i need to pick up some timesheets before going off to work in the morning as well, too.