i called up my orthodontist and made an appointment for them to take a look at my jaw, and i finally made myself an appointment to see my eye doctor – usually you don’t get to see them until about 6-8 months after you make your appointment, but i was able to get an appointment for march 1st! ^_^

also talked to some lady at suntrust and am going to go to the bank at 2:30 to close my account – i haven’t used my accounts there since i deposited a paycheck in there about a year and a half ago and it magically “un-deposited” itself from my account. i remember reading about something in the newspaper how someone was fired for deliberately tossing out checks that were supposed to be deposited for some charity or something, and i called customer service and complained but nothing ever happened because of that. 😛

so i had better take my shower so we can go to the bank and then i can go off to work. yesterday i arrived just after the store opened, talked with one of the salespeople for a moment and headed to the back where one of the managers (joe) asked my why i was late. i looked at my watch…

me: “late? it’s 10:01!”

joe: “exactly. you’re late.”

me: “but dave was talking to me just before you told me i was late!”

joe: “i saw you when you came in the door, and you were late”

😛 i like all my managers, but i’d have to say that joe is the manager that i like the least… he’s real strict and by-the-book, while the other managers we have are a bit more laid back. i’d understand him complaining to me if i was 5 minutes late or something like that, but 1 minute late? and that’s even after talking to someone in the store as you’re on your way in?? -_-;;