grrrr, this is making me mad.

comcast sends us a letter in the mail saying “here’s the new username/password you need to get onto the internet” since they’re migrating people from @home to instead. they make you download and run this configuration program to get your computer to be all set up for their service, and what do i find? not only does it rename some of my settings like the configuration name (already fixed back to normal), but my computer was ALREADY set up properly in the first place! 😛 i hate things that make you run some sort of special application assuming that you’re not l33t enough to set it up yourself -_-;;

and then i had to configure my email program to use my new email address they’re giving me (i’m going to be at instead of which i won’t be able to access come the end of the month), and what do i find? i put in all the appropriate settings and passwords that they gave me and it says that it’s not the right password! so i use my old password and that doesn’t work either! and the member services page says “coming soon”! GRRRRR!!! >_<;;