lol – there’s a few positions open with verizon wireless in a few stores in california for basically what i currently do:

The Asst-Sales Operations position is responsible for greeting customers as they enter the store and directing them to the correct sales representative to assist them, accepting payments, and performing various administrative functions.

bingo, exactly what i do.

Essential Duties:

  • Accept payments, credits, and debits to customer accounts.

    already done – i help people use the bill-payment machine

  • Assist customers in their understanding of all financial entries on customer accounts.

    don’t really do this, but i do help people to the best that i know about our billing

  • Assist with daily audit and reconciliation of cash report and bank deposit including: Reconcile daily financial transactions with cash register report, research and bill installations with cash register report, research and bill installations/service work orders, etc.

    i don’t do this, can’t use the computers

  • Perform general office duties such as ordering supplies, distributing information, stocking and display of sales literature, maintaining accurate files of service applications and other duties as assigned.

    already kinda done too… everything here but ordering supplies, really

  • Answer phones and provide customer service for call-in customers, update customer accounts, demonstrate equipment to customers, sell parts and accessories, etc.

    the things that i don’t do here are answer phones and updating accounts

    now all i have to do is move to californi-ay, lol