yesterday afternoon dan got over here and we hung out and i showed him my anime music video before we headed out to kfc to get some chicken for dinner. we also went out with my dad to exchange the phone he got (i got a cool phone now!! yay!!!! ^____^), and then dan and i went to best buy and borders and suncoast where i was able to find and buy the second dvd of “macross plus”, “ghost in the shell”, the first dvd of “trigun”, and “key largo”. ^_^

so for the rest of the night we just sat around and watched a little bit of macross plus and the trigun dvd, and mom saw ghost in the shell too. and when those were over we just putzed around in the den on the computers until i went to bed at 5-something in the morning.

today, we went off to umbc and found pete, and the three of us watched battle royale on pete’s computer. dan and i both think that movie was too weird for it’s own good… some parts were cool and others were funny, but overall it was freaky o_o;; and how in the world did it end up getting a score of 8 / 10 with about 900 votes?! O_o;; it was a funny movie to make fun of, though, so pete and i did a lot of that, hehe… ^^

then us three headed over to the bookstore so i could pick up a copy of microsoft office for mac os x, and pete had to get some stuff for one of his classes as well. i saw my old boss ed from when i worked in the bookstore and helped him out with one of the macs, and he says that he can’t wait for me to be taking classes again at umbc so i can work for him again in the computer section ^_^ while we were in the bookstore looking around i found a copy of adobe premiere 5.1 out on the shelf for $39 ^_________^ yeah, i know it’s an older version than the one i’m using now (6.0), but at least with this one it 1) isn’t pirated, and 2) comes with a manual that i can really use to read through ^_^ so i ended up getting about $800 to $1000 worth (commercial price) of software for $52! ^___^

then since dan and i were starving we went to columbia mall and got ourselves some eats and walked around some before heading back here. now i’m just sitting around enjoying the rest of my day off of work… ^^