i misread the schedule so i really do work tomorrow and sunday. but it’s not that bad because saturdays now we only work 10am-7pm, and sundays are 12pm-5pm. and then monday morning i work too.

we were running pretty slow today so i called home to see if the family wanted to come to the store and get a replacement cellphone, and dad said that maybe he’d drop by. just about right after i got off the phone with him we filled up the store, lol. figures. so now the parents have a new digital cellphone (an ericsson) and mom keeps fiddling with it and calling the home or having us call it. i don’t like this phone much, but it’s not mine to use, so i don’t care, hehe ^_^;

we are coming out with a new phone on monday. i want it. it’s the 2235. ^___^