mom says dad wants to take the car in to work sometime next week. i guess he’ll be the one with the car on tuesday and not me. oh well. ^_^;

i’ve got a dentist appointment at 2 that i’ve got to start getting ready for in a few minutes (need to shower and brush teeth lots and iron my clothes for work since i might need to go straight from the dentist to the store). i guess i shouldn’t have heaped sugar on my wheaties that i’m eating for breakfast, then. i think they’re going to be very unimpressed with my teeth. but that could just be me being paranoid… ^_^;

so… dentist, then work ’til 9 pm, then i’ve got saturday/sunday off! yay! ^-^

yesterday i got these dvd-ram discs i ordered in the mail a few days ago. they’re cool. they’re in these green-tinted cartridges and hold 5.2 gigs total. :P~~~~~ <- drool. i need to use these to back up my ripped dvds to so i can just use these for when i need to work on a music video without taking the time to re-rip and re-decode files that i may just have used recently. ^_^ why do they even bother saying on the back of these things "archival life of 25-30 years"? yeah, i bet we're still going to be using hardware and filesystems compatible with these 25-30 years from now 😛