yippee! my computer didn’t really corrupt the movie files – it just thought that it did. so, a little time-out by booting into mac os x instead of os 9 cured it, i guess. ^_^; so i finished my music video last night (and then mom came down and yelled at me since it was 6 am and i hadn’t gone to bed ^_^;;), put it on tape after i woke up at 11:50 this morning, and just got back from the fedex place where i shipped stu’s and my music videos due to arrive in dumfries, virginia by 3:30 pm tomorrow! ^____^

yay! ^____^ i just wish that i wrote down the tracking number for the return shipment (it’s in the box) ^^;; that way i could see how it’s making its way from there back to here… ^^;;; oh well. it’s all done ^___^