i finally finished reading ok, skimming through the 260 journal entries made since i left for new york on thursday. i’ll post about what anna and i did there tomorrow. but i ought to get to bed now, because i’m very sleepy and tomorrow i want to try to find me a green jacket to cosplay as lupin at katsucon, and pick up a book that’s being held for me at the library, and get myself a timecard for work and take it into verizon where my hungover coworkers can sign me off as having worked 31.5 hours last week, lol.

and you’ll get to hear about stu, dan, and my trip that we three took to first go to KFC at 11 pm, and ended up going to dunkin donuts and burger king… we were cracking up so bad, hehehe… ^_^

but you’ll get to hear all about this tomorrow. ^_^;

and i ordered “snatch” and “ghost in the shell” on dvd tonight, as well as 5 dvd-ram discs for backup on my computer (lol, total storage on my computer now… 145 GB – 2x 60 GB hard drives, 5x 5.2 DVD-RAM discs, hehe) i’m not hurting for space, no sir. ^-^