hoo-boy, that was an odd dream… some lady who was a millionaire because she won the lottery was marrying some guy (and all the newscrews parked outside the window of the honeymoon suite of their hotel) and one group of newscasters at a time was allowed in to interview them. and i was a tv newsdesk reporter and my eddie murphy was also a tv newsdesk reporter who worked alongside me, and even gizmo our cat was a wise-cracking (voiced by eddie murphy too) newsdesk reporter as well. and eddie murphy was going out to eat with the couple so he gave gizmo two retractable ballpoint-pens he had and asked gizmo to take them to our technicians so they could rig them up with rubberbands so he could use them as chopsticks. gizmo took the pens but ended up following some sort of underwater creature (not a fish – this had legs) around the room instead.

and that’s why i wasn’t able to take my shower at 7:45 am like mom wanted me to, and so now i hafta wait for her to finish in the shower before i can take mine. ^_^;