one of my coworkers told us today that last night he went to the washington wizards basketball game, and who did he see sitting across the arena but mc hammer (wearing the same glasses he’s been wearing for the past 12 years… probably because he’s still too broke to afford new ones, lol)! he wanted to get his picture taken with mc hammer after the game, but apparently 60-80 people all wanted to do the same thing so he just left.

i don’t know why that just amuses me so much, lol.

going with mom to visit pap-pap tomorrow morning (he just had a kidney biopsy and so relatives are going to visit him to keep him company ^_^;), and then i get home to finish packing, then off to the bus station to go have fun fun fun with anna! ^______________^

speaking of my trip to new york tomorrow, was talking with parents about it earlier tonight (they wanted contact info etc etc). mom keeps saying that this is different from when i went to visit meaghan because at least i had met her beforehand, and she also keeps saying that she’s very opposed to me going. 😛 dad doesn’t mind that much, just wants me to call home every night to check in, hehe ^_^; he also said (to keep mom more at ease) that if need be, he’ll drive up to new york to pick me up and take me back home, ‘cos from the way mom’s talking, if she thinks that any troublemaking is going on she’ll kick me out of the family or something. i think she inherited the “don’t do anything at all or you’re going to DIE” attitude from her dad (the same grandfather we’re going to visit). ^_^;;;

but i guess that’s what moms are supposed to do, anyways. ^_^; all dad said was “behave yourself, be polite, ignore the panhandlers, and stay away from guys in dresses, hehe”… mom, on the other hand kept asking “what-if?” questions… “what if you don’t like her? you’re stuck with her for 4 days!” “what if there’s drinking/drugs/whatever going on and you’re uncomfortable about it?”

i’m surprised that this much of a fuss is being made over this when the attitude when i went to atlanta was “ok, have fun! don’t forget to come back home!” and they didn’t even make any sort of opposition to me going to the 21st birthday of this girl i worked with at tower, either…

but anyways! i get to go see anna tomorrow today!! ^___^