today was kinda blah… work was slow (steady, but still slow enough to be boring… i practiced writing my hiragana on my notepad to keep myself from being bored, heh), and one of our salespeople showed up a half-hour early to tell us that his dad died. ;_; poor guy. one of our saleswomen drove him back to his house in his car, and one of our customer service guys followed in his car to take her back to work. he lives about 5 minutes away, and they were gone about 30-40 minutes. it sounded like he just found out this morning, and he doesn’t know what happened. he said that his dad wasn’t sick or anything, and he was with him just last night too. so who knows what happened… ;_;

and then i get home and livejournal was being a butt and wasn’t letting me load my friends page. blargh. ^^;