got off work at 5, got home, and dan and dave were already there to meet me. dan gave me my christmas present (ASUKA!!! YAY!!! ^____^), pete gave me this hat he found somewheres… it’s this black knit cap that has a little drawing and says “BOMB” on the front on a little tag, hehe, and mom gave me this bowl she found in this store in downtown annapolis – it’s a tintin bowl! ^___^ we hung out here until we heard that pete was at umbc with his girlfriend rene).. gave them my address to look up directions on mapquest, then dan, dave, stu, and i went off to tower records to try and find this one cd that dan was looking for. they didn’t have it, but i ended up getting for myself the soundtrack to “snatch” and “beautiful” by fantastic plastic machine. ^_^

grabbed some eats at mcdonald’s, then headed home to meet pete and rene)..

we all just sat around for a while hanging out and fiddling with my digital camera (pictures are here, this is me ^^), then i put on “attack the gas station and we all sat around and made fun of it, hehe. ^^

um… then we just sat around a little bit more before dan and dave had to go. and i probably ought to get ready for bed (since i have to work at 10 am tomorrow ^_^;