to-do list for the day…

  • get haircut
  • fix my cables for my computer and associated electric desk items (put cables in this conduit to keep things looking neat)
  • work on music videos!
  • work on webpage i have in the works
  • get stu over here at some time to beat each other up in various quake mods ^_^
  • try to get to amish market at the harborcenter to get myself some pretzels… mmm… pretzels… ^__^ (it’ll be closed by the time i get there… ^^;)
  • call my friend dave and see if i can set up a time for him, dan, and myself to hang together ^^
  • install macgimp on my computer
  • do laundry
  • take receipt from purchase of digital camera to library to xerox to mail in for rebate to get extra battery, memory card, and case for camera