to-do list for saturday (in no particular order):

  • get haircut
  • fix my cables for my computer and associated electric desk items (put cables in this conduit to keep things looking neat)
  • work on music videos!
  • work on webpage i have in the works
  • get stu over here at some time to beat each other up in various quake mods ^_^
  • try to get to amish market at the harborcenter to get myself some pretzels… mmm… pretzels… ^__^
  • call my friend dave and see if i can set up a time for him, dan, and myself to hang together ^^
  • install macgimp on my computer
  • do laundry

    i feel like also going to best buy and stealing the battery for my digital camera out of their demo model… heck, that thing isn’t even charged up anyways, and i can actually put something like that to good use, hehe. and i can return it to the demo camera when i get my free battery in the mail (since that’ll take a few weeks to arrive)… hmm… that also reminds me…

  • take receipt from purchase of digital camera to library to xerox to mail in for rebate to get extra battery, memory card, and case for camera

    there. knew i was forgetting something. ^_^ and the sooner i get that out, the better.

    work today was kinda slow again… it’s times like these that i’m glad i discovered that i had once loaded on all sorts of games onto my handspring, so i get to amuse myself with solitaire! puzzle (arrange the numbers in numeric order)! minesweeper! giraffe (a handwriting-practice game)! brickout! subhunt!

    pete might be coming over sunday night with his girlfriend… not sure what’s happening yet. he’s the one who suggested that he, dan, and myself do something sunday after he and i get off of work, and when i mentioned it to him tonight it didn’t seem like he remembered (‘cos he said that he was going to visit his girlfriend that night). he ended up saying that he’ll pick her up and take her to my place and we can all watch movies or something here… *shrug* so he’s going to try to be online tomorrow night so he, dan, and myself can all work this thing out… ^_^;

    5 more days until i go to new york! ^_______^