i don’t wanna do anything… i’m exhausted, and i’m bored, but i don’t have any time to do anything fun right now ‘cos i gotta go get ready for work in a minute and get gas for the car before i go to work. i think it’s almost empty… ^^;

my friend nick left me some messages on my computer while i was sleeping that he wanted to meet me sometime today… i can’t go to see his sister play basketball tonight ‘cos i’ll have to work… maybe i’ll see if he can drop by my store sometime tonight… ^^

i can’t wait until tomorrow… it’s my day off, finally. then work on sunday from 12-5 pm (only 5 hours, not bad). worked 42.5 hours this week… blech… but then next week i work only 31.5 before going off to new york for a few days ^_^

i ordered some stocks today with my paycheck, but for some reason they haven’t shown up as being bought yet. -_-;; *kicks the interweb*

i want to go back to sleep. ^^; at least do non-work stuff… ^^;