one of my friends (tom) from high school is going off to nashville auto-diesel college in a few days. it’s in nashville (surprise, surprise). and he says he’s not coming back to this area to stay. so we here won’t get to see him much anymore outside of one or two vacations he gets off from school (the courses are only about 56 weeks or so, so he’d be graduating in feburary of 2003), and who-knows-when after that.

so he came over for a little bit tonight to hang out before he had to go in a few days. we took a few pictures of him with my digital camera to remember him by – we ended up creating a little mini-tribute by making a slideshow in iPhoto with those pictures set to the song “buck rogers” by feeder. ^^ it was lots of fun ^_^ i told him that once he graduates he’d be great to see on “junkyard wars”…

tom: “just think! i could be launching stuff into space! *ker-pow!* ‘yep, there it goes… it’ll be back down in about 53 minutes…’!”

me: “lemme get the ford pick-em-up truck to catch it in when it comes back down…!”

tom: “that was the ford pick-em-up truck!”

me: “yee-haw!”

i think i convinced him to let me show him how to make a livejournal before he goes, hehe… he does these weekly emailings of what he does (called TMN for “tom martin news” or something like that, hehe), but this way we’d be able to get more info from him and he can see what we’ve been up to too ^_^

anyways… other news of the night:

work was even slower than it was yesterday… today i only had to write down 2 people… o_o;; only TWO PEOPLE had to do any waiting to see a salesperson at all. i walked down to this mexican restaurant at the other end of our shopping center and all the stores were just about completely empty as well. there were actually parking spots available in the lot – now that is just unheard of. o_o;;

while we were waiting around all bored as hell with nothing to do, i remembered with only 2 hours left to go before leaving that i had games on my handspring, so i played a few games of solitaire, lol…

i figured out my hours for the week… 42.5 hours this week. so i get some overtime at least, with all these hours i’m working ^_^ i’ll be getting a nice fat paycheck next week, then, i suppose ^_^

dad got me a new bulb for my lava lamp… i had trouble finding the correct size and wattage of a bulb, but he was able to find one for me today ^_^ i really like how my desk is looking (need to clean it up a little bit, though), but i think i ought to stick this plaque i have up on my monitor again… it’s this little door-plaque or nameplate for a desk, and it says “bachelor pad” on it, lol – it’ll go perfectly with the lounge music playing on my computer, my zebra-striped ikea chair, and these three lamps on my desk (one looks like a retro ’50s-style lamp, another like a space-agey ’60s-style lamp, and my ’70s-style lava-lamp, hehe)… that’d be cool setting them all up to make my desk into a mini bachelor-pad, lol ^_^ even my screensaver is bachelor-padey – it’s about 6-10 thick lines all moving across the screen at the same semi-slow speed in all different directions, with different colors rotating between each set of lines (it’s really hard to describe… ^^;; best example i can give is a modern-art stained-glass window). ^_^

going to call dave and pete tomorrow and find out from dave when would be a good time to hang out before he has to go back to school, and ask pete what it is that we’re going to be doing on sunday, and where should we do it.