i talked about going to new york with my parents tonight and was able to convince them to let me go to visit anna ^_^

now to just buy my tickets! ^__^

i bought this cd after work (“happy end of the world” by pizzicato five) – it’s phat ^__^ japanese loungeish-jazzy musics ^___^

at work today one of the salesladies thought that i was in my mid-twenties, lol… when she found out i was only 19 she said i act very mature for my age and that i could be assumed to be “at least 21” ^^

um… i accidentally ejected myself out of my chair earlier… ^_^;;

me: AUGH

me: i just ejected myself out of my chair and onto the floor

stu: lol

me: and almost landed face-first on gizmo (our cat)

me: lolstu: did anyone see?

me: yes

stu: hehe

me: everyone in the family ‘cept anne

me: hehe

stu: lol

i’m not sure exactly what happened… there’s a lever on my chair that you can pull that causes the chair to tip forward if you’re sitting anywhere on the chair but the very back of its seat, but i didn’t touch that lever… ^^; all i did was lean forward towards the cat, and next thing i knew i was falling slowly and steadily towards the floor and almost buried my face in the side of the cat… ^_^;

i lost $7.88 on the stocks today, hehe… oh well? ^_^ i be saving up for looonnnng term so this doesn’t bother me ^_^

i think i’ll find me some ice cream now ^__^ today really was a good day ^_____^