the music video for “mr roboto” by styx is freaky… o_o;

stu says that he can’t go to new york city for a lot of reasons (mostly parents, he says)… mom heard this and said how she wasn’t that thrilled about me going to new york anyways… ^^;

apparently for some reason she says that this is completely different as to when i went to visit ocarina in atlanta… *shrug* i don’t see any difference… ^^;

mom’s just never keen on any ideas like this at all… 😛

i’m still going to see if i can take off those days at work, and if i can then i’m going to check with the ‘rents again at home and see if i can make a persuasive case for me to go visit saccarineayako ^_^; i’ll know by tomorrow night whether or not i’m going… ^_^

…at least nobody’s flat-out said “no” yet… ^^

my jaw is feeling really weird, too… i open up my mouth big as if i’m yawning, and when it gets about 3/4 open it “pops” (best i can describe it) open the rest of the way. and then occasionally it feels like there is something out of place on the left joint of my jaw… like something isn’t popped properly into place… ^^; i hope it’s not because of me not wearing my retainer that this is happening (i’m supposed to only wear it to bed at night, but i haven’t touched it in about a year ^^;) i’ve got a dentist appointment later this month (goody… i can tell my teeth are not in the best of shape right now ^^;;), so maybe i’ll bring this up then…

the really weird thing is that i can kinda remember my jaw doing something like that when i opened it, but i don’t remember for sure (if that makes any sense)… can someone open up their mouth all the way and tell me if they notice any sort of popping occurring while they do that? ^^;

it aches… maybe i’ll take some advil or something… ^^;