i am not having good luck with my hands recently (especially today ^^;)…

about a week ago i got a few blisters on my right hand from using a crummy screwdriver to put my tablelegs from ikea onto my tabletop… one of them isn’t that bad (i don’t notice it at all anymore), but the blister on the middle finger on my right hand still hasn’t healed and hurts bad and looks worse. ^^;

today i burnt fingers on both hands when opening up a bagel i heated up in the microwave, hurt the knuckle on the middle finger on my left hand now by accidentally snapping back this elastic thing we have set up in a doorway in our home (kinda like a poor-man’s bowflex… ^_^;), and then while i was putting my bagel together and nursing my hurt fingers while burning them some more while opening up my bagel, i accidentally punched the counter!

orroooooo…. @_@;;