You are Spike Spiegel
A laid back bounty hunter with a mysteriously tragic past. You have a cool sense of humor and would do much for people you love.
Which Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?

ha-HA! i knew it! ^_____^ i thought that i’d be spike…

and look out when i start thinking… then i come up with things like… this!


dude, i’ve met so many women online… it’s like i’ve got a girl at every port



but stu and i are gonna go see anna in about two weeks! ^___^ i just need to clear everything with my managers (to let them know that the other temp is going to be working for me for a few days), and then buy the bus tickets! and then new york city for four days to see saccarineayako! ^__^

mind you, i haven’t entered sap-mode yet, but who knows what’ll happen after this little trip ~_^

after work today i picked up “one size fits all” and “waka/jawaka” by frank zappa, and “abductions and reconstructions” by thievery corporation ^_^ and lightbulbs for my new lights! ^__^

see? they’re all the way on the left and right… pretty… ^__^