going to ikea in the morning ^_^ they’re having a sale and i need to return/exchange these square table legs i bought when i wanted round table legs, and mom wants to get a tabletop for our other computer desk so we have more room over there… beats me why we don’t just keep the legs and get the tabletop and set up a new table over there… *shrug*

i’m reentering my mp3s and reorganizing all these ones i downloaded (i’ve got about… 33 different versions of “bohemian rhapsody”, 121 different songs by the london symphony orchestra, and a bunch of versions/remixes of the themes from lupin iii and speed racer, lol ^_^)

i’ll have to remember to look for the band “pizzicato five” when i go to work tomorrow… their versions of the lupin songs are cool, and i wanna hear more of their stuff ^_^

and speaking of work, i just found out today that the store manager that i had at tower when i worked there, well, he left now. so the assistant manager (who is a bit meaner than the old store manager) is taking over until they find someone else… man, everyone’s leaving my old store now… ^^;;