yeah, i wanna find me a psx and get me some ddr asap


stu and i went to the mall and we picked up some books at the borders bookstore that had opened recently there (he got a book with all sorts of pictures related to the civil war, and i got “the puzzle palace” by james bamford – it talks about the NSA – and this magazine called “red herring” which talks about electronics and information technology and venture capital and stuff like that).

i’m flipping through the magazine and there’s this article about child pornography and how all sorts of businesses can be connected to it (either through hosting or advertising or processing credit card transactions). and then i see this quote…

“Once a domain name is secured, Lolita operators and child pornographers must find a Web-hosting service for their sites. Like other legitimate businesses involved in this industry, hosting companies typically turn a blind eye – until they are notified by law enforcement. … Red Herring tracked three Lolita sites to a small hosting company, Cove Software Systems, in Annapolis, Maryland…”

shit, yo, that’s where i live… o_o

anyways… we now interrupt this post for FUN WITH DAN:

me: …anyways, i can get one of those mini-refrigerators for twice the price of that one that only holds 6 cans, lol

dan: what’s with you goin on this mini-fridge kick?

dan: 😛

me: lol

me: i think they’re nifty

me: hehehe

me: cool, even

dan: was that a PUN??

me: if it didn’t happen to be refrigerated, that thought would have perished!

dan: just. shut. up.

i think i’m going to find me a playstation (either us release or a modded one so’s i can do all the japanese mixes too) and get me some ddr… XD dan says his brother dave wants to play some ddr too, hehe… i SO BADLY WANT TO SEE THAT XDD