…SCIENCE!! *ahem*

my day off hasn’t been bad so far… slept in for most of the day, lol ^_^; went to bed at 5 in the morning and slept until 2:30…

the house smells like we put our christmas tree up, but it’s odd, because we haven’t yet. but the house still smells faintly of pine… odd… ^_^;;

i got an email from paypal today saying that someone sent me $5 in april and did i want to claim it or not… i didn’t even remember getting $5 sent to me over paypal, and so i took a look and it was from a regular of my anime server that i ran, and he sent me the $5 for providing all these fansubs and anime music videos over the internet for free… ^_^ so i got a free $5 today! ^_^

the browse feature in itunes is my latest discovery… it’s cool, i can select what cds i want to listen to at one time! ^_^

this cracked me up: treatment planning made easy v. 1.0.1 – psychotherapy treatment software

and this amused me… ^_^

T’was the night before Wolfenstein and all through the map

Not an ally was scoring, not one single cap.

All the ammo was hung by the startpoint with care

In the hope that our medics would pick it up there.

Then what to my wandering eyes should appear,

An Axis LT and eight chaingunneers!

A little lieutenant so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment his ping must be 6.

And more rapid than eagles the pink smoke then came

As I shouted “Incoming!” artillery did rain.

And so up to the startpoint the Axis soon flew

With their chainguns ablaze and friendly fire too.

Down the ladder he came with a leap and a bound;

He was dressed in a trenchcoat, his thompson swung round.

He spoke not a word but went straight to this work,

And filled us with lead, then turned with a jerk,

And grabbing our flag, the Kraut wiggled his nose,

Then giving a nod up the ladder he rose.

But I heard him exclaim as he dodged out of sight

“Ze enemy is weakened!!” and called an airstrike.

gotta go to anne’s dance recital tonight to videotape it for her, and then maybe go with dad and kelly to a concert to see one of kelly’s friends sing a duet with her teacher… kelly wants to introduce me to her friend, too, she says… ^_^;

o_o we just got a box via ups… which reminds me… still gotta order my christmas presents (and a birthday present for tom) online ^_^ mom, tom, kelly, anne, dan, stu is all i have to do ^_^