mmm… catgirls… drool… bunnygirls… ^_____^

went downtown to see them light the christmas tree… it looks real nice ^__^ first they had some lady from the jaycees talk, then my sister and her chorus from school sang some songs, then stueypark‘s dad (the mayor) said some words about the tree. then a guy came dressed up as santa and lit the tree and then we headed home.

i got all the leaves raked now, but they need to be shoveled up and brought down to the street. i feel too pooped now to do that, though… ^^;

and japan is going to allow human-nonhuman mixed cloning! yatta!! (well, how else are we going to get catgirls/bunnygirls??) mmm… catgirls… drool… bunnygirls… ^_____^