contrary to popular belief…

randy mac is not the only place to find crazy drunk girls ~_^

so yesterday i get off from work, finish some tasks up at the house, eat dinner, then head over to umbc to visit my friend pete. dan comes over as well. we go to pete’s friend’s room to hang out there with pete’s friend, pete’s friend’s friend, and pete’s friend’s gamecube and ps2. we end up playing party games and the demo for metal gear solid 2. and when we started to get hungry we went out to order a pizza and waited for that to arrive.

pizza arrives, and we take it and head over to pete’s gf’s room to hang out there. pete and i sat there and talked with his girlfriend and one of her suitemates who had got drunk earlier in the evening. i ended up crashing on a couch there. dan heads home so he can help pick out the carpet he wants for his room for his new condo.

we wake up this morning about 2:00 or so, and now we’re back at pete’s room.

don’t know if our internet connection is up or down or what… *checks to see if his computer is still online* …and it appears to still be up. heh.