christmas, 2001

christmas was fun ^_^ first we opened presents here at the house. my cousin teresa showed up to open presents up with us too after we had already started (‘cos the rest of her family lives out in california, and we’re like her home away from home ^^), and she hung out here for a little while before having to go.

so, this morning i got…

two cds:

“time” by electric light orchestra

“the k&d sessions” by kruder and dorfmeister

four books:

“the gentle infantryman” by bill boyd (a wwii novel)

“iron chef: the official book”

“cia catalog of clandestine weapons, tools, and gadgets” by john minnery

“spy book – the encyclopedia of espionage” by norman polmar & thomas b. allen… stu gave this one to me, hehe, and i recognized it from using it for research for my spy-class, lol


– a shirt that says “POWER CORRUPTS. (but ABSOLUTE POWER is kinda neat.)” from one of my sisters ^_^

– a stuffed penguin from my other sister ^^

– PENGUIN PAJAMA PANTS!! ^__^ plus another pair of pajama pants with fish on it, so i have penguin-pants and penguin-food-pants, hehe ^^

– these cork hot-pads from ikea (swedish santa doesn’t say “ho ho ho” apparently… he says “bork bork bork”) – i use them for plate/cupholders at my desk ^^

i think that everyone was really surprised when they saw that i got the family a new dvd player, hehe… ^_^ they weren’t expecting it and really like it ^-^

jibakushounen heard about my spy-books and shirt and thought that now i was going to kill people and take over the world…. muahahaha!!! ^_^

we then left to go see my mom’s side of the family at my aunt ‘n uncle’s house, so there i got to hang out with my cousins and got things like a gift card to borders bookstore, various amounts of cash, and a $150 check from my grandfather ^_^ i can double my amount of stocks with that, lol ^^

and one of my aunts (who had formerly been a graphic designer) gave to one of my cousins her scanner (which she no longer uses) to use with his old mac. his mac is almost as worthless as the one we have that’s 7-8 years old, but at least ours has more memory and an upgraded processor, so he’s letting me have it ^___^ it’s a real fancy one, too, complete with transparency adapter for scanning slides or negatives ^^ i think i’ll get myself a scsi card for my current computer so i can actually use it with some up-to-date hardware, hehe ^_^ even if the scanner isn’t super-great, it’s bound to be much much better than my old old old scanner that’s so pokey-slow… ^^

and now it’s bedtime, ‘cos i have to go to work at 9 am – 10 pm tomorrow… yay. ^^;;; but today was lots of fun ^__^