umbc has been having problems with their servers lately… ^^;; i haven’t been able to check my umbc e-mail since thursday (that’s also the e-mail account that i have livejournal send any replies to my posts to) and i try to telnet into the umbc servers and i can’t get to my home directory or get mail through this as well. at least they have a message posted on the telnet server that says that they’re having problems with e-mail and the servers… bah…

stu wants to go to new york city too, hehe… we’ll probably go sometime after the 15th and before the 28th ‘cos that’s when anna’s back in new york for school, and stu’s still on winter break. ^_^ so we’re researching modes of transportation (don’t want to drive if we don’t have to, planes cost about $100 each round trip, and trains cost $470 for both of us round trip… ^^;;

we went to my cousin teresa’s new apartment today for a little housewarming party she was having, then we went to look at the lincoln memorial and the korean war memorial next to it in dc today. and then we went home.

“only you” by captain jack on ddr 4th mix cracks me up ^_^ then again, about a dozen other songs on that mix crack me up too, hehe ^_^;

work tomorrow 10am-5pm, then get home, and then head to first night annapolis with stu ^^ if i’m lucky i’ll have some pictures taken of it to show online ^_^