first off…



i ordered a digital camera today ^_^ hopefully it’ll get here on monday, then i can take pictures of the new years’ celebrations in downtown annapolis. ^_^ at least, i think it should get here on monday… everything i ordered this afternoon was in stock and said it would ship same day (which it did), and i shipped everything as fedex standard overnight which meant that it should be here next business day by 3:00 pm. and monday is the next business day…. sooo, that ought to mean that i’d get everything monday afternoon ^_^

i have tomorrow and sunday off! yay! ^_____^ but i don’t know what to do on days off now, lol… i haven’t had a weekend off of work for a few weeks now ^_^; on sunday, though, we’re going to a housewarming apartment-warming party that my cousin teresa is having at this new apartment that she got ^_^

pete should be coming over tomorrow sometime in the afternoon (around noonish if i remember correctly), and dan might be coming too… maybe we’ll go to the mall or something, i dunno… or maybe we’ll just sit around the house and watch dvds and play games or something… *shrug* i’d like to go to the mall so i can use this giftcard i got for borders bookstore, and one just opened there recently, so i want to look and see what they have there ^_^