work wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, hehe ^_^ one of the salesladies felt sorry for me and kept asking if i wanted a break, but i was fine ^_^; and saccarineayako has been sending me text messages to my phone to keep me entertained at work ^__^ tonight we even closed up the store an hour early since the store became almost totally dead after 6 pm (and we were scheduled to be open until 10).

it was also weird because i saw two of my friends in the store today, and i hadn’t seen them since elementary school. and i saw another on monday, as well. hehe… ^^

lol, i made $0.91 on the stock market today – go me! hehehe… that means i’ve made a profit of $0.81, hehehe… ^_^;

when i got home from work my grandparents on my dad’s side were here to exchange gifts ^^ they gave me $25, and we gave them a new celtic-style letteropener and an ornament from my sister’s highschool, and a copy of the latest “military images” magazine since my dad had an article in it about each of their parents ^_^ and i got to tell them all about iron chef, lol. ^^ my grandfather was really happy how i’m now starting to invest, hehe, and i got a kick out of telling them how i made $0.91 today, hehehe ^_^

and i got my dvd of “attack the gas station” today! ^___^ yay! ^_^